Are You Picking The Right Promotional Pen For Your Company’s Identity?

The Pen has proven as the mighty promotional gift of the past, present, and future eras. We find a promo pen on every office desk and on domestic desks too, as it is the most running and no doubt working executive gift. Custom Promotional Pens are here to write the company name on the recipients’ minds and store the brand name in their eyes as well. Not all the kinds of pens suit all businesses. Here’s the way to choose the right pen.

  • Ball Point Pens

An exciting variety of Custom Ball Point Pens is accessible straight away from the wholesale merchandise. These are experienced and steadfast in branding. Provide them at checkouts and remember to offer them strictly to enhance the brand identity. The pen, says all you need to express to the patrons without fail.

ballpoint-pens promotional ballpoint pen

  • Stick Pens

Immense Trade Shows, Large Scale Campaigns write the brand name on the Promotional Stick Pens to reach the patrons straight. Though, stick pen is simple, it spreads the brand name as long as it writes. These are the products that spread the company name to a long distance.

logo stick pens

  • Banner Pens

Pen containing pull out banner is a stylish way of promoting the brand. Banner Pen with Company Logo exclusively elevates the company name with the clicked audience. These show the versatility in simple and unsurpassed trend. The office desks hold many promo pens and the users feel good to use the same. Printing business finds this right and proves victorious.

promotional banner pen

  • Laser Pointer Pens

Laser technology catches eminent brand recognition. Customized Laser Pointer Pens exchange the brand identity the best way possible among the customers. The prestigious brand profile can be perfectly drawn to the chosen audience via functional pointer pens that eminently useful in projector based demos.

promo laser pen

  • Key Chain Pens

Dual functionality outstretches the brand portrayal excitingly well with the Promotional Key Chain Pens. The Pen, being the average writing instrument reaches the common and high-class customers and motivate them eventually. This pen is appropriate for any sort of business, specifically the auto business.

custom made keychain pens

Build up the Business Brand with Customized Electronic Products

Business and Branding are interlinked and depend on each other proportionally. Let the customers reach the joyous reception of the twinkling products that ensure brand uplift. Enjoy Branding to a great extent via promo electronic gifts. The success of the enterprise is few steps away when the Branded Electronics are on the cards. Prefer accurate products that appropriate for the business.

Branded Electronics

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Valentine special offer – 25% discounts on all promotional items on

Valentine’s Day is here and our inventory is ready with 25% discount on the current price. Do you know what? Exciting seasonal discounts are offered at QuickkPromo, the Wholesale Distributors of Promotional Items. When the order is huge, the amount of money saved is huge. Buy many and save money on this valentine season. Endless promo items are here and this offer includes all items. We love to serve our customers and provide the best range of swags with imprinted logo.

Valentine’s Day Offer

Rock in the promotional campaigns with the customized products that we distribute. Offering the best-priced items is big enough on bulk orders. Make the most of advertising with the seasonal discount that we are offering. Shower love on your customers with the personalized products available at QuickkPromo to advance the advertising campaigns. Have a blast with the cut-down on the prices and enjoy shopping the marketing items. Everyone can shop at slashed prices now. Do not miss the chance of buying a huge collection from us on this auspicious occasion.

Get Amazing Hot Corporate Promotional Items to Build-up Business

Promotional products are meant to stir the minds of the audience that the enterprises choose. Corporate Promotional Products Wholesale entice the people all around and cherishable items like Logo pens, digital clocks reach the company standards. Immeasurable items are in the inventory which are designed to frame the promotional activities the best way possible. Corporate items from QuickkPromo are perfect to render in the small and large groups of customers so as to inculcate the desired brand esteem.


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Trade Show Gifts Spectacularly Ensnare Voluminous Brand Awareness

The world of promotion is filled with endless varieties of advertising ideas and items. QuickkPromo is the wholesale distributor to ship current patterns of swags to entrepreneurs and they may resell the same. Business people of Nigeria can quickly have a glance at the inventory and exchange, the company name with the chosen people in a matchless way. When trade shows are planned in a huge number, buying products with wholesalers is ideal.


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5 Steps to Selecting the Perfect Seasonal Bag

Just like many others, you are probably looking for the perfect custom printed bags to go with the season.  Custom made bags are great marketing tools that provide residual marketing effects for a long time.  But how do you find the perfect personalized bags in Nigeria?  These 5 steps should help guide you in the right direction.

  1. Just because custom made bags are great marketing tools does not mean you should go crazy and buy as many as you can. Stick to the budget you have set for yourself during your promotional planning and purchase what you need.
  2. Do your research and find a reputable distributor that will give you the most bang for your buck. Do not sacrifice quality for quantity.  Doing so will have a negative impact on your promotion.
  3. Plan a season ahead. Don’t cut yourself short by trying to get all of your custom printed bags for a season that is right around the corner.  Prepare for the next season so that way you will get better results from your efforts.
  4. Design your custom made bags with bright colors. They are easily noticeable and using these colors in your marketing have been proven to encourage people to shop.
  5. If your still not sure, think summer. Designing your custom printed bags in a manner that makes people think of summer makes them feel livelier and tend to spend more freely.  So if you are still not sure on a design option, keep that in mind.

To see all of the available options for promotional bags in Nigeria, check out  There large selections of bags, totes, and other types of bags to help you find a seasonal bag that is perfect for your company.